HELEN’S STORY 1897 - 1956

Helen 2nd World War

The Second World War

The prosecution were determined to prove Helen Duncan was a fraud. Her trial took place barely a few months before the famous D-Day landings.

The Trial

The Witchcraft Trial

The true story of a Scottish housewife who found herself in the centre of a WWII legal battle which ended with her being convicted under the Witchcraft Act.

About Helen Duncan

During the second world war Helen was in great demand from anxious relatives, especially those who had lost close family on active war service.

Imprisonment Churchill

Winston Churchill

Two second degree burns were found across Helen's stomach. She was immediately taken back to her Scottish home and later rushed to hospital.


Helen Passes to Spirit

Helen was sent back to London's Holloway prison, that Victorian monstrosity for female prisoners still being used today.


The Prime Minister had been ordained into the Grand Ancient Order of Druids and was a client and also a keen supporter of Helen Duncan.


The Official Pardon Site

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Winston Churchill was a client and a supporter of Helen Duncan.

Over a decade of research into the life and work of Helen Duncan is now available as an eBook for surfers to download.

This official website was launched to mark Helen's centenary in 1997 and has now attracted over 60 million surfers which have generated countless questions for more information both from individuals and a fascinated global media.

Those queries are now fully answered in this new book "CHURCHILL'S WITCH" which explores this true story in greater depth tracing Helen's life and work and the many experts who investigated her remarkable ability to re-unite families with their 'dead' relations and friends.

Details of just how and why she was able to do this are fully explained together with the revelation that Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime premier, was not only one of Helen's many clients but that he too regularly used psychic powers to full effect. He also accurately predicted the day he too would be promoted to the Next World.

Readers will also find a detailed chapter on the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler explaining how his negative psychic development led to his downfall.

Full coverage of the sinking of both HMS Hood and HMS Barham during WWII and why Helen's connection led to her imprisonment and her life in the Victorian Holloway Prison during the war.

Other famous Scottish seers who were also persecuted are also covered in this new text as are the select loyal Mediums who confidentially served Britain's Royal Family.

This new electronic book contains over 65,000 words and many fascinating illustrations is now  available.

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